For any business to be competitive  today, they must have robust video and social media strategies to position their products, services, and expertise within their market and/or industry.  In the past, it would've cost a fortune to develop strategies that allowed small businesses to keep pace with larger competitors.

NOT TRUE TODAY.  The internet and social media have significantly reduced marketing costs.

SilverWater Productions helps our clients shine with vibrant and effective visual communication solutions.  Our professional and accessible team uses the power of video to illuminate amazing people, products and services by showing them in action

"When you have video on your homepage, 50% to 80% of your visitors will click that first. So video becomes a very effective tool... (USA Today)


Website Videos
Event and Meeting Services
Projector and Screen Rentals
A/V tech support and event assistance
Aerial Photography and Video

Company Profiles
Product Demonstration Videos
Sales Presentations
Training Videos
Awards Shows and Large Meetings


We understand that no two videos are created equal, therefore pricing is variable.  We will find a solution that meets your budget.  Please email or call with questions and we will find a solution.


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